LoDo Cares is a community volunteer organization that sponsors and coordinates philanthropic activities in LoDo.  Our goal is to make LoDo and our neighboring communities the best place to live, work and play. It is a collaboration between LoDo District Inc. and the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association (LoDoNA). The organization began 20 years ago helping at the Barth Hotel, the assisted living center in LoDo. We have expanded our programs to include three strategic initiatives:LoDoCares Logo

The group brings together the residents (LoDoNA) and businesses (LoDo District) and allows us to be more effective and far-reaching in our activities.  Please read more about each of our initiatives and consider joining us in some of them.  The activities are fun and so rewarding.

If you would like more information about LoDo Cares or would like to volunteer, please contact us at 303-628-5428 or email [email protected] or LoDo Cares on Facebook.

All of our work is supported exclusively through donations, which are tax deductible.

Charter for Compassion

LoDo is Selected as the World’s First Compassionate Neighborhood!

LoDoNa presents the Compassionate Charter Proclamation, 2014.

As a result of the commitment of LoDo Cares to providing compassionate acts in our community, LoDo has been recognized as the first Compassionate Neighborhood in the Compassionate Community Campaign promoted by the Charter for Compassion, International. In fact, because of LoDo’s recognition, the award title had to be changed from the Compassionate City to the Compassionate Community Initiative.

At the LoDoNa Annual Meeting on February 27, 2014, A Proclamation for Compassionate LoDo was read aloud.
It is our intention to continue to develop and grow our compassionate programs and to expand the compassion consciousness and awareness of the benefits of compassion in our community.

We also hope to act as a catalyst for other neighborhoods as well as the City of Denver to become involved with this movement. If you would like to become a partner or a volunteer with this initiative, visit CompassionDenver.

The Charter for Compassion is a document that transcends religious, ideological, and national differences. In 2009 Karen Armstrong was awarded The TED Prize ($1 million dollars) to create her wish to develop and distribute a Charter for Compassion to inspire individuals throughout the world to live by the Charter.

Supported by leading thinkers from many traditions, the Charter calls on us to activate the Golden Rule around the world. To view LoDo’s signed Charter click here. This is a video representation of the Charter that was created.

To date there are over 200 communities all over the world that have either been confirmed or in the process of working towards recognition.

“A compassionate city is an uncomfortable city!  A city that is uncomfortable when anyone is homeless or hungry.  Uncomfortable if every child isn’t loved and given rich opportunities to grow and thrive. Uncomfortable when any group anywhere in the world is marginalized or oppressed.  Uncomfortable when as a community we don’t treat our neighbors as we would wish to be treated.”

– Karen Armstrong

To be recognized, a community needs to have the official leadership sign a proclamation with a resolution to sign the charter, encourage others to sign and live in to the charter and create a long-term compassionate action plan.  The Boards of LoDo District, LoDoNA and LoDo Cares approved the proclamation in November. (Link to proclamation to come.)  The official public launch occurred on February 27 at the Annual Meeting of the Lower Downtown Neighborhood Association.

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The Barth Hotel

Barth HotelThe Barth Hotel is a 62-bed assisted living facility for disabled and low-income seniors at 17th and Blake Streets in LoDo.  LoDo Cares Lovingly supports the Barth residents, many who have been our friends and neighbors for years.

Current Activities include:

  • Birthday Card Project – We remember each resident with a birthday card and a gift certificate at a monthly birthday party.
  • Summer BBQ – We close down the sidewalk and cook burgers and brats.  The Barth doesn’t have a real kitchen so they love the freshly cooked meal.  With beans and all the fixin’s.
  • November Ice Cream Social and Birthday Party – to start the holidays off right!
  • Holiday Dinner – LoDo restaurants generously donate delicious prepared menu items.  A small group of volunteers help serve the meal to Barth residents.
  • Christmas Gift Program – This is the program that started LoDo Cares.  Several LoDo loft dwellers decided to collect donations to buy and wrap small gifts for the Barth Residents.  Now in its 21th year, the Cullen and Trapani families still gather to host a fundraiser to buy the gifts.

LoDo Cares also sponsors activities including talks, trips and outings for the residents throughout the year. Efforts at the Barth Hotel are generously underwritten by the law firm of Moye/White, which was named a 2012 Top Ranked Law Firm by Forbes Magazine.

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Parks and Environment

Parks & EnvironmentThis initiative works on improving the physical environment of the community.  Activities include:

  • River cleanups along the Cherry Creek trail
  • Cleaning, planting and maintaining small gardens along the trail
  • Children’s Playground – we work to maintain and improve the playground on Speer between Wynkoop and Wewatta
  • Recycling – we work to improve and extend recycling throughout LoDo
  • Beautification – including trees, plants and gardens in the neighborhood

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LoDo Angels

angel-image“I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.” – Tracy Chapman

Residents and Businesses in LoDo and the Central Platte Valley have joined together to form a network of volunteers to respond to neighbors as needed and desired. As we move through our lives, all of us have occasions when we could use some assistance. Although many have friends they can call upon to help, some are new to the area, or don’t know how or where to reach out.

As our neighborhood has evolved, we have been creating a wonderful sense of community. People care about each other and want to know when someone is ill, or has a loved one die, or is alone and needing assistance. We also like to respond to happy occasions, the birth of a baby, a major life passage. Often, those who help out, also benefit from the experience. Research suggests when someone does a kind act, serotonin is increased, and there is a positive impact on health and spirit.

These are some of the services that Angels may offer:

  • Prepare and/or Deliver Food
  • Provide Transportation
  • Send a Card
  • Brighten Someone’s Day
  • Take Care of a Pet
  • Run an Errand
  • Be an Advocate
  • Create a Comforting Environment

Contact Information

If you or someone you know would like the support of an Angel, or would like to volunteer to be a LoDo Angel, contact us at [email protected] or call (720) 445-LODO (5636). Requests for privacy and confidentiality will be respected.

Download our brochure


Anyone wishing to contribute financially, may write a check out to LoDo Angels and mail it to:

LoDo District, Inc.
1616 17th Street, Suite 478
Denver, CO 80202

All donations are tax deductible

Thank you

The launch of LoDo Angels is being made possible by the generous support of:

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