Memorializing Our Friend and Neighbor, Kenneth

Kenneth, the man who made his home on the bench at the corner of 15th and Blake, passed away after having a medical emergency in early December, 2021.

For those who knew Kenneth, they would recall that he didn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. He would never ask you for a thing, which made people want to give him food and whatever cash they may have had on them.

It was clear that Kenneth was dealing with some form of mental illness, but he was always a kind and gentle soul. Over the years many tried to help Kenneth by connecting him to resources around the city, but at the end of the day he seemed content to stay on his bench.

We’re pleased to inform you that a memorial plaque has been added to Kenneth’s bench at 15th and Blake. We feel this plaque is a wonderful tribute to Kenneth as he meant to so much so many. We plan on hosting a remembrance for his friends to come and share stories about him. Please stay tuned!


Thank you to all who donated to make this happen. We couldn’t have done it without your support! #lodocares