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Victoriana Antique & Fine Jewelry

Victoriana Antique & Fine Jewelry

Located in historic Larimer Square, Victoriana was established in 1977 by one of the leaders in the preservation of American architecture in the city of Denver; Dana Crawford. She has been a driving force in historic preservation for decades, specifically during the re-development and renovations of the LODO district, including Larimer Square. The store was later purchased by David and Veronica Prebble in 1984. Over the 40 years that shop has moved locations a few times, and evolved into the shop you find here today, specializing in estate and antique jewelry, specifically Georgian through the Retro Eras of Fine Jewelry. They buy, appraise and evaluate fine jewelry as well, and more about those processes can be read about here.

Phone Number: (303) 573-5049
Address: 1417 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202