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Downtown’s Healthcare

Downtown’s Healthcare

Downtown’s Healthcare is an integrated medical office, conveniently located in Downtown Denver. When they first imagined a medical staff of chiropractors, rehabilitation specialists, and massage therapists, they knew they were doing something different.They have brought together specialties, diagnostic tools, extensive examination and cutting edge treatment methods to be used together in one location. The treatments they offer provide you with the most comprehensive and all-encompassing plan of care specific to your condition and symptoms.At Downtown’s Healthcare, they pride themselves on being much more than your ordinary medical office so that they may give their patients the best care possible. This is why they provide an integrated care model complete with a Nurse Practitioner, Chiropractors, Rehab Technicians, and Massage Therapists.

Phone Number: (720) 669-8051
Address: 950 17th St Suite 200, Denver, CO 80202