LoDo District, Inc. is a membership organization that supports Lower Downtown (LoDo) Denver’s, unique historical, retail and residential neighborhood, through marketing, education and advocacy.

The LoDo District, Inc. was formed in 1989 when a loosely organized group of Lower Downtown property owners joined with a marketing entity named the District Collaborative to form what is now known as the LoDo District. This joint effort produced a diverse group of men and women whose community and philanthropic interests were focused on the needs of the neighborhood.

Today, the LoDo District, Inc. is a 501(c) 3, membership organization that supports Lower Downtown (LoDo) Denver’s unique historical, cultural, and retail neighborhood through marketing, education, and advocacy.  We are unique among organizations in LoDo in that we represent both the residential and business communities.

The goals of the LoDo District, Inc. are to:

•   Influence public policies on present and future issues in this mixed-use neighborhood.
•   Preserve the integrity of its historic designation.
•   Promote neighborhood businesses to residents, visitors and tourists.
•   Build collaborative initiatives between LoDo members.
•   Present issue-related forums/lectures to benefit the membership and the community at large.

This mission statement reflects the LoDo District’s commitment to striking a balance between growth and preservation.